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Bendigo part 1

This year I attended my second Bendigo Sheep and Wool show. It ran from the 19th of July to the 21st of July. DH and I drove down on Thursday and we spent Friday at the show before driving back to Sydney on Saturday.

We had such a wonderful time. And although I did go a little overboard with my purchases as it was my Birthday on the 19th I'm not being too hard on myself.

 I'm looking forward to casting on something new from my new stash.

 It was wonderful to see a few new to me dyers.

I'm already looking forward to next year.

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Finished objects and my fibre fest update

Since my last post, I managed to finish my Orbit shawl, my Halloween socks and last Sunday I attended the Fibre Fest at Singleton. I knit the Orbit shawl for the one skein challenge my knitting guild is holding this month.

The shawl pattern is by Janina Kallio and I used one skein of 8ply Nunnaba Yarns in the Wisteria colourway. Out of a 100g ball I had 7g of yarn left over and if I could change anything it would be the needle size. I wish I had used a 5.5mm needle instead of a 5mm.

I managed to finish my Halloween socks on the 30th and I absolutely love them. The yarn is Lovebird Lane Yarn, in the Freddy, colourway it's my first time knitting with this brand and I have already placed another order.

On Sunday I attended the Fibre Fest held at Singleton in NSW. It was my first time attending the festival and although I thoroughly enjoyed buying more yarn. The two standouts were meeting up with my fellow knitters and walking the grounds on this lovely convent. 

While walking around the grounds it felt like I had gone back in time. And I could almost imagine scenes of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries playing out on the grounds in front of me. 

As it was my first time attending I didn't realise that they held tours of the church, this is something that I would like to do next time.

A couple of days before the festival I came across a photo on Instagram of a beautiful bright pink yarn from Drover & Classer that I knew I had to have, so my first stop was the Mulberry & Flax stand where got to meet Jennifer and the very talented Rachael behind the Drover & Classer yarn. And as you can see I managed to pick up five balls of the gorgeous wild raspberry colourway in the 8ply yarn. I also managed to pick up quite a few goodies from some other pretty amazing dyers and stall holders. 

It was such a lovely day and I'm so grateful for all the hard work that the NSW Knitters guild and all the stall holders put into the weekend.

Happy Saturday!

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One skein challenge

In my last post, I mentioned that I will be attending the 2018 Fibre Fest that is held at the Sisters of Mercy convent in Singleton. I also mentioned that I was knitting the first Fibre Festival shaw. And that I would fail miserably at this challenge. That defeat happened on Tuesday when I realised I had made an error in the lace section and I didn't have the strength to rip it back. I gently put my shawl in its bag and we currently aren't talking.

Yesterday I moved forward to the one skein challenge that my Knitting Guild is having. The challenge is to knit or crochet something with either a 50g or 100g skein. All projects are to be completed by the 28th of October. I feel that this is a challenge I can complete.

I picked the pattern Orbit by Janina Kallio. And I am using a skein of 8ply yarn from Nunnaba Yarns that I purchased from Skein Sisters.

Until next time, happy knitting.

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Wishful thinking

On Sunday the 28th of October I will be attending the 2018 Fibre Fest that is held at the Sisters of Mercy convent in Singleton. Back in July the first Fibre Festival shaw pattern was released by the very generous and talented Dominique Trad.

I, unfortunately, did not start my Shawl until last month. I now have two weeks to complete my shawl, a task that cannot be completed.

I'm knitting my shawl with Wollmeise yarn in the Robinson and Freitag colourways. I absolutely love how they look together. And although I know I have no chance of finishing my shawl in time, I am still loving the process.

Happy weekend.

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Halloween is coming

Halloween is relatively new to being celebrated in Australia, but slowly all the supermarkets are catching on. And although the stores have already started selling fruit mince pies and gingerbread men, there is also a small selection of Halloween goodies. It's this sight that makes me warm inside and I know it's time to cast on my Halloween socks and start a month-long binge session of Gilmore girls and all the Halloween movies that I can fit in.

Now I know that the month of October would be much more enjoyable if it was Autumn and not Spring, however, this week has been quite kind to us in regards to the weather. We've had heavy rainfall and grey skies all week.

It's now time to sit down with my Freddy Krueger socks, Gilmore girls and a donut.
Happy Saturday!

Let's go back in time

It was the mid-2000's and knitting blogs were huge. It seemed like everyone had one, including myself. I couldn't get enough of them.

And then one day Ravelry appeared and it felt like everyone left the party. I miss the days of blogging, of scrolling down the page of a new to me blog and seeing photos of new knitting projects, pets, food and children in Halloween costumes or licking their first mixing bowl.

So here I am with a new blog. If you have found me via Ravelry or Instagram you probably know a little about me already. So instead of doing the usual intro, I am going to leave you with a photo of my two-year-old German Shepherd Elke ( pronounced Elka) and I am going to spend my Friday night playing with my settings.

Happy Friday!

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